On-line Safety Valve Testing and Certification

Testing and Certification via Force-Balance Analysis

Riggio Valve Services technology enables safe and economical in-place safety relief valve testing during normal operations with no operational interruption. Yearly re-certification may be achieved without the need for valve removal provided specific prerequisites and qualifications meet code requirements. Test procedures, measurements and analysis facilitate:

  • Performing in-place test while boiler is operating
  • Determines the as-found set pressure
  • Documents adjustments to the valve, if any
  • Confirm Valve Set Pressure
  • Confirms that three consecutive test results are within tolerance limits
  • Generate a Test Report with Test Data
  • Re-certify a valve previously certified by Riggio

Riggio is authorized by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. The procedure is recognized by ASME and can be found in Interpretations I-83-31 and VIII –1-83-350. It is also covered in ASME Section I PG-72.2

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Click here to view our Certificate of Authorization

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