Riggio Valve: A Value-driven Approach to Valve Service

Riggio Valve was established in 1945, and we still maintain the foresight, passion and speed of a startup. We believe that smart solutions, old-school ethics and solid teamwork are the tools to forge long-term customer relationships. We don’t rest until we’ve created and delivered for every customer, every day.

When we talk “about us” we’re also talking “about you.” As a Riggio Valve customer, you are the focus of all our efforts, and the driving force behind our core values:

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Safety. At Riggio Valve, safety is on our minds all day, every day. We make sure we take every precaution so your facility, your employees — and our team — are protected from hazard or risk. Riggio Valve is certified by ISNetworld® as a reliable, safe, compliant contractor.

Riggio is certified by OSHA (The United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to meet SHARP (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program) requirements.sharp-logo 118SHARP Certificate

Quality. We demand precision every step of the way, in every thing we do. That means error free, on time, every time.

Responsiveness. When you call, we’re there without delay; and we get the job done. Consistently – efficiently – and regardless of circumstance.

Safety, quality and responsiveness are ingrained in every Riggio team member; the results show in the quality, character and capability of our highly skilled team.

These core values are what make Riggio Valve a true family business, from our founding by Frank D. Riggio in 1945. At Riggio, we treat everyone like family. That’s the Riggio way.

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